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What Can WOOW Painting Expert Do For You?

What Can WOOW Expert Do For You?

Close your eyes and imagine all the changes you’d like to make to your house. You can probably think of quite a few: mess-free rooms, a new kitchen, and maybe a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home. Tackling all those projects might not seem possible on your own, especially when you consider the cost of renovating your entire house (or at least several rooms). However, there’s a simpler and quicker solution to give your house a fresh look that will last: WOOW Painting Expert house painting services.

It’s amazing how much a new color can change the entire feel of a room. With just a new coat of paint in a few rooms or on the outside of your house, you won’t need an extensive and expensive home renovation. WOOW Painting Expert offers a full range of interior and exterior house painting services to provide exactly what you are looking for.

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We have always focused on customer satisfaction. We want our clients to remember our WOOW effect as one of the best experiences they have ever had with a renovation company!

Our main services

Bring color to your home with our painting services! No matter if you want to add life to furniture with a new stain job or if you want to paint your walls, we can handle it for you.

House Painting Services That Make Your House Feel Like a Home!

One of the fastest, most effective ways to personalize your living space is with color. Bright, muted, cheerful, elegant—whatever your mood, personality, or preference might be, there’s a paint color to match!

Our WOOW Painting Expert teams specialize in making houses feel like homes through interior and exterior home painting services. If you’re looking to transform your home, it’s time to contact WOOW Painting Expert. Let us help you paint your world!

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Simple wall refreshment, or maybe you need an artistic vision?


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    Painting packages

    Interior Painting Services

    We’re your resource for interior painting. Our interior painting service covers everything. Start today with a free & instant online quote today!


    A painting service for buildings where the walls are in good condition, but the paint coatings need to be refreshed or the colors need to be changed.
    The STANDARD package can be complemented with additional services.
    od 11
    PLN /m2
    • free valuation along with verification of the condition of the walls
    • surface dusting before painting
    • protection of furniture and equipment against splashes
    • painting walls and ceilings
    • cleaning up after painting works (wiping off drops, vacuuming, collecting rubbish)


    Service for objects with surface cracks, debris or dirt. In this package, we professionally prepare surfaces for paint applications

    od 15
    PLN /m2
    • disassembly and reassembly of light switches and contacts
    • local degreasing and cleaning of walls
    • crack removal *
    • removing dents and bruises
    • acrylating in demanding places


    If you require the highest quality and comprehensiveness, choose a service, after which you will be able to enjoy not only the quality of the painting works, but also the cleanliness and freshness of the painted rooms.

    od 19
    PLN /m2
    • removal of structural cracks
    • cleaning light switches and contacts
    • comprehensive wet cleaning after painting
    • disposal of all waste after the works performed