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Creating the Perfect Pantry for Your Home

Creating the Perfect Pantry for Your Home

If your kitchen feels like there is never enough storage, creating an organized pantry may be just what your home needs. Having a nice pantry is one of the most “desirable” features for home buyers. With the chaotic schedule of your day, it is easy to find you pantry a mess just a couple days after reorganizing. Taking the time to create a system that works best for you and your family will heavily pay off in the long run. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, without organization and dedicated places for things, it’s easy for your kitchen to become a cluttered mess. Discover the best pantry organization ideas here and make the most out of your kitchen.

Creating the Perfect Pantry for Your Home

Begin with Organization

Keeping your pantry organized is a team effort from everyone in your household. There are different steps and products to create an easy process for everyone. First, it is most important to start with a clean slate. Wipe down shelving and throw away old food. Starting fresh will keep things organized longer. You then want to categorize your pantry by placing like items together to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Getting the best use of your space can easily be done with having containers. Containers or storage bins not only look appealing to the eye, but also saves you space. Having baskets, bins, and containers will allow you to organize how you like without having to deal with the awkward shape of boxes and bags when purchased from the grocery store. If you are looking to add that final touch, it never hurts to add labels to your containers. Labels are a great way for everyone in your family to know exactly where everything is and goes.

Use the Height to your Advantage

Most people do not realize the advantage they have with how tall the ceilings are in their kitchen. Bringing your cabinets all the way to the top or creating custom shelving to the ceiling maximizes your space. There are many different configurations that can be done when installing shelving, so you will need to see what works best for your space. The standard walk-in pantry is in the “U” shape with shelving all the way to the top. Another thing to consider is installing cabinets to hip level with the shelving on top. That allows you to have some hidden storage for some things that you don’t want out on open shelving.

Swing Door vs Barn Door

Normally doors are something that is overlooked when doing some changes to a home, but the style and use of the door to your pantry can be very important. It’s important to use every inch of space in your pantry to maximize storage. Having a swing door allows you to add more storage to the back of the door. That could include hanging shelves, grocery bag dispensers, broom and mop hangers, spice racks, and much more. With that being said, having a barn door that slides open will prevent you from having a door that takes up space when open. Barn doors can create a chic look and elevate the design of your kitchen.

Creating the Perfect Pantry for Your Home
Creating the Perfect Pantry for Your Home

Different kinds of Pantries

Not all homes have a designated pantry space, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and create a pantry that looks like it was original to the house. Here are some creative hacks for the perfect pantry.

  • Coat Closet Conversion- If you have a closet space near your kitchen area that is not being utilized, this can be the perfect space for your pantry. Adding custom shelving and organization will transform your old closet.
  • Under the Stairs- Under most staircases there is empty space that is not being used. Making the renovation to add doors or open shelving here can create the perfect pantry space without taking away from any other space in your kitchen.
  • Convert One of Your Cabinets- If there is no other space in your kitchen to add a pantry, converting a cabinet is one of the best ways to tuck away your pantry. Adding slide out drawers to a cabinet creates an accessible and organized access to your food.
  • Corridor Pantry- Convert a hallway to a pantry by adding shelving built into the wall. This tactic can create a sense of design and organization to a space when done right.
  • Book Shelf- DIY your own pantry by converting a bookshelf to a pantry. You can customize it to match your kitchen by adding trim, cabinet doors, or paint.

How to Get Started

 Creating the perfect pantry is something that will be valued every day in your home. It will free up space and keep your counter clutter-free. Once you have the organizing supplies you need, WOOW Expert can help you personalize the perfect pantry for your home.